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Random Encounter Timeline

Posted by Neverwashere 
Random Encounter Timeline
April 09, 2007 03:18PM
This is just the Canyet stuff to make things easier - will perhaps add the prior stuff to it later!

Day the first in Canyet
<ul><li>Sylvie stays with Old Ivy <LI>Sebs heads to House Crow -&#62; <LI>Goes to Fortuna's shrine, meets Auker <LI>Sebs' room gets broken into during the night <LI>Sylvie and Garren work long into the night</li></ul>

Day the second
<ul><li>Sebs comes to House Crow, finds someone's broken in - talks to Mr Crow <LI>Sylvie stays in Old Ivy, talks about Mael's engagement with Loga, Vicky gets mentioned <LI>Sebs goes to theatre, Brannig mentioned by two men <LI>Sebs goes back to Fortuna's shrine for a second round <LI>Sylvie asks Riya about Lady Luck</li></ul>

Day the third
<ul><li>Sebs wakes up at shrine, slips out before Auker asks him for his name <LI>Ludovic visits Old Ivy, Sylvie goes to visit Fortuna's shrine <LI>Sebbie, meanwhile, visits Old Ivy and has tea with Gemma and Riya <LI>Sylvie returns to Old Ivy: Sebs returns to Fortuna's shrine and gets squeezed hard for information by Auker</li></ul>

Day the fourth
<ul><li>Sylvie and Riya talk about dreams while making breakfast <LI>Sebs visits graveyard, spots odd men <LI>Sylvie visits House Crow and Sebbie while on the way to meet a mage <LI>Sebbie leaves to visit Fortuna's shrine while Sylvie goes to meet the mage; gets intercepted by Old Lady's faithful and wakes up outside the city only to be told a few harsh truths <LI>Sylvie leaves word about mage not being home <LI>Sebs almost catches the person breaking into his room</li></ul>

Day the fifth
<ul><li>Sebs wakes up, goes to talk to Mister Crow about burglar after breakfast: is given Sylvie's message <LI>Mr Crow names the thief as Kirrya <LI>Sebs meets sister Auker, asks about mages <LI>Sylvie and Riya set tarpaulin outside and chitchat, Ludovic visits <LI>Sebs arrives to ask questions</li></ul>
Random Encounter Timeline
December 29, 2007 03:44PM
<ul><li>Council of war at Fortuna's Shrine <LI>Sebastian talks to Martha about Brannig <LI>Auker and Sylvie borrow books from Montmore</li></ul>
<em>Day the sixth</em>
<ul><li>Sylvie finishes work for Old Ivy and figures out the glass spindle is important. <LI>Sebastian and Sylvie visit the gambling hall. Sebastian is Lucky.</li></ul>
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