Wanted: Cute animal/enby (or better, both) themed cell-phone charm style keychain things to put on my USB sticks so I don't lose them. :boost_ok:
An artist I know has done a series of queer flag coloured bird keychains. I'm not sure what *size* charm you're looking for...

hey fav/boost this and ill assign you a bug based on your profile !! 🐛

Watching the finale of # season 1 now, then going to bed.
I hear the # got worse later on, but for now it's entertaining enough.
Graham is cute ^_^ and the math bit... apparently one of the occasions on which he left school for a while was prompted by his first math lesson that involved the horrifying discovery that (iirc) factions were a thing that existed. (If it wasn't fractions it was something else that would show up around the same time).

This is a #test

I'd like to see what the # title looks like when a post federates onto #, or if it's dropped.

Seeing these IRL made me # today:
- a black and white, slightly wooly terrier on the way to work
- a lady wearing trousers and a coat in black-and-red, flannell style checkers
- a well-behaved bulldog
# #smile

All right. After several false starts, here I am with my new account. The server with my previous main fediverse account,, will be closing down by the end of February. I'm not sure if this will be my main, or if it will end up being, but I guess we'll see.

If you know me, do you have any recommendations whom I should follow?
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